The gay blade

This morning I signed up for adult beginner’s skating lessons with the City of Mississauga’s Recreation and Parks Services. Thirteen lessons starting on Tuesday 22 September. The course takes place at Huron Park Community Centre, which is less than ten minutes away from my place by bike. Since I work every Tuesday at 1 p.m., I was very happy to find out that Huron Park offered adult classes at 9.30 a.m. When the course finishes in mid-December, I will take advantage of the winter weather and continue practising well into 2010.

For years I had been thinking about taking skating lessons, yet never did anything about it. Mark even got me new skates for Christmas 2004. He says I can skate (I vehemently disagree). I don’t even know how to stop. When I skate now, the method I use for stopping is just by slowing down while heading for the benches. After thirteen lessons I hope to master the basics and manage to skate around the rinks at Mississauga’s and Toronto’s City Halls without fearing for my life.

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