The new Taylor Swift film is not in Spanish

I don’t pay attention to Taylor Swift or know her music, yet I do know as a weekly follower of the Billboard music charts that she has broken numerous records and has a whole slew of albums in the top forty. She is the hottest thing right now and I was vaguely aware that she had a concert movie out, yet I didn’t know its title. What my ears had been hearing so far was Eres tú. As a language nerd I can see how I took a misperception and matched it with something that made some kind of sense. Thus the partial or incorrect hearing of The Eras Tour morphed into Eres tú. The actual title meant nothing to me (maybe it does to Swifties) while the Spanish translation (It’s you) seemed to make more sense. Was it a concert film shot in Mexico or Spain, perhaps, made with love as a dedication to her fans? Thus a Swiftie mondegreen is born.

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