The next time it snows

The Sun has set over the land of revolutionary juche. Our Sun, the Dear Leader Comrade General Kim Jong Il, who has led the Korean people like a father devoted to his children, will not rise again. The heart of the man that beat with passion for his people and for the ceaseless endeavours of the revolutionary struggle worked itself to its proud death, never yielding to the victorious struggle and passion of the revolutionary juche idea. His tireless work in ensuring the ever-victorious struggle of the Korean people against American imperialist aggression, his sleepless nights and restless days spent developing and enhancing the Korean ideology of juche, seen as an inspiration to the entire world which looks with envy to the Korean people for the guidance that they themselves could never have and only dream of, will in spite of the tragic news that befell our ears with profound sadness, live on. The rays of our Sun will shine forever through the new star of the Great Successor. We will transfer our allegiance and loyalty to the new Star in the sky, the young and effervescent Great Successor Comrade Kim Jong Un, who will lead us into the bountiful new year with the wisdom gleaned from his father, the Dear Leader Comrade General Kim Jong Il, and from his grandfather, the Fatherly Great Leader and Hero of the Revolution Marshal Kim Il Sung.

The next time it snows, I will look up into the white blanket of sky and think of the falling snowflakes as tears, frozen tears from all citizens of the world, mourning the loss of their Dear Leader Comrade General. Snowy tears that cover the world with soothing and loving warmth, tears that will pile high, higher than the rooftops as the citizens mourn the loss of their Dear Leader Comrade General.

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