The snow of tears

If I could tweet, I would tweet that I was watching the state funeral for beloved Dear Leader Comrade General Kim Jong Il right now on CNN.

It is snowing now in Pyongyang, snow that I foreshadowed in my tribute to the Dear Leader Comrade General. This snow represents the tears of those who looked to Kim Jong Il as a benevolent provider and Fatherly Leader, who cared greatly for the Korean people. As the proud hearse carries the body of the Dear Leader Comrade General through the streets of Pyongyang, the snow of tears, snow from all corners of the world, falls from the Heavens. The Heavens did not release their snow of tears until the precise moment of the funeral procession. The tears flitter down in the form of snow, to cloak the streets of Pyongyang with Heavenly warmth.

It is indeed eerie to see the same sights of Pyongyang, now covered in snow. I was standing on these same streets and on the grounds of Kumsusan Memorial Palace only three months ago:

The Dear Leader Comrade General will lie in state inside Kumsusan Memorial Palace next to his father, the Great Leader and Hero of the Revolution, Eternal President Kim Il Sung.

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