The twenty worst airlines in the world

I found this link on the CNN homepage yesterday, for the twenty worst airlines in the world.

Fortunately, I have only travelled on one of the twenty. I have however made a total of five separate trips on the airline that ranks #5.

The description for this airline mentions “a concerning amount of water vapor in the cabin”, which refers to the fog that greets you as you enter the cabin. It is very thick, like walking through dry ice in a 1980’s music video. This water vapour–which I had never experienced on any other airplane or airline–quickly condenses. Upon takeoff, the water gushes down from the overhead luggage compartments and rains upon those sitting in the aisle seats. I was sitting in one such seat on my first flight into Pyongyang from Peking. Those passengers, me included, could do nothing but laugh at the one-sided watergun fight. The vapour fog only added to the surreal experience of flying into the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. 

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