Today would have been Werner’s first birthday

My brother’s son Werner was born one year ago today. Today we are remembering him and the brief life he lived (he died three months later). The family is going to place a memorial stone over his grave this autumn. This weekend my brother, sister-in-law, mother and sister-in-law’s parents are looking at memorial stones and will decide on what kind to get and what to have engraved on it. I will contribute to the cost and will be present when the stone is dedicated.

Werner’s death didn’t really sink in until early 2009, just over a month after he died. I would often find myself stopped in thought about him, oblivious to the world around me. Mark and I gave Grant and Evelyn some solar lights to place on Werner’s grave, after we saw that many of the graves in the baby section of the cemetery had them. It is as though a guardian angel is keeping constant watch over Werner.

The photo shows Werner shortly after he was born, flashing the “peace” sign, while at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

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