Tomorrow I leave for Finland

I am off once again to Finland, this time to see my favourite Finnish pop band, Ultra Bra, as they reunite for two shows. It is not uncharacteristic of me to travel to Finland with the specific reason of seeing my favourite bands on tour. I have done this several times already with Scandinavian Music Group and with Värttinä (and that was only last year). In this case, however, I have never seen Ultra Bra in concert ever. I will be in Turku for their show this Sunday and in Joensuu for their show on July 16. In between these concerts I will be in Helsinki visiting friends and exploring the summer capital in advance of the nation’s centennial on December 6. I will also take a day trip to Porvoo during that week. Since I already bought so many books and CD’s on my trip last year, I do not see myself coming home with an overloaded suitcase. Let’s see how true this is. I do however plan to come home with more Finnish coffee, Fazer chocolate and blueberry-scented shampoo.

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