Toronto 2033: 10 Short Stories about the City’s Future

Toronto 2033: 10 Short Stories about the City’s Future was included in a selection of purchases I made in 2020 from the spacing store in Toronto. Ten local science fiction authors wrote short stories about how Toronto might look fifteen years after 2018, the book’s publication date. Global warming has destroyed the Beaches area in Puck, where the beach had been washed away by the encroaching coastline. In SWork Day, Toronto sex workers work in a society where they feel protected thanks to advancements in technological surveillance. My favourite story was Gut Feelings, about Google and the insidious effect it has to overtake people’s lives.

I did not care for most of the stories, and the three I listed were the best ones. I found the square page format and the flimsy cover awkward to hold onto because the pages would naturally flop down, impeding the reading experience. Mathew Borrett provided illustrations for each story. They were stunning in their photographic detail, showing Toronto of the near future. The cover image accompanied Puck.

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