Toronto City Life: Old & New

Toronto City Life: Old & New by Mike Filey is a long-ago discarded item from my library system. It was published in 1979, therefore much of the “new” in this book is “old” by now. On each page spread Filey reproduced historical photos of a specific region of Toronto and then on the adjacent page showed what the same scene looked like today (er, back in 1978, most often). I like these “then and now” photo comparisons and I certainly enjoyed looking at photos of Toronto from over forty years ago. In the late seventies, The Eaton Centre was still new and the new Massey Hall [1] hadn’t even been built yet (much less christened Roy Thomson Hall) however an architect’s model was provided as seen on the front cover. I am so glad to know that the St. Lawrence Hall on King and Jarvis is still there. It is now a National Historic Site. 

[1] I still refer to it by this name at times, as I do the O’Keefe Centre always, which is now under its fourth nomenclature. 

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