Translaziun 2 / Swiss Railway system souvenirs

Buna sera!

Try to translate the passage below from Sursilvan Romansch:

– Dunna Uffer, essas vus maridada?
: Gie.
– Veis vus era affons?
: Gie, treis, in fegl e duas feglias.
– Van els aunc a scola?
: Na, il fegl fa in emprendissadi.
– E las feglias?
: La giuvna lavura tier la cantun, l’autra ei vendidra en ina fatschenta da moda.
– E vus fageis il tenercasa, neve?
: Gie.
– Bugen?
: Gie. Jeu sun cuntenza a casa.
– Veis vus buca basegns d’haver contact cun autra glieud?
: Mah…jeu hai avunda contact cun autra glieud. Jeu hai bia enconuschents, ina massa parents…
– Che vus veseis regularmein?
: Ils enconuschents bein. Ils parents vesein nus cunzun duront las vacanzas a Savognin. Nus vein ina habitaziun ella casa dils geniturs. Leu entupein nus bunamein tut la parentella, il tat e la tatta, ils fargliuns da miu um, ils nevs…Vus veseis, jeu hai buca basegns da pli bia contact, plitost il cuntrari.

There is an Internet terminal at Casa Caltgera for the students to use for free. So I am not spending any francs on Swiss cybertime.

A student in my class purchased an on-a-chain watch that is used by conductors and ticket collectors in the Swiss Railway system. These watches are made available to the general public and they are the funkiest things I have ever seen. Perhaps too expensive for a souvenir (200 CHF) but wow, what a way to stuff a pocket. Hmm, if I have two hundred Swiss francs left over and if I haven’t already spent it on books…

– Ms Uffer, are you married?
: Yes.
– And do you have any children?
: Yes, three, a son and two daughters.
– Are they still in school?
: No, my son is doing an apprenticeship.
– And your daughters?
: The younger daughter works for the canton and the elder is a clerk in a clothing store.
– And you’re a homemaker, aren’t you?
: Yes.
– Do you like it?
: Yes. I’m happy being at home.
– Don’t you have any need to be around other people?
: Well…I already have enough contact with other people. I have a lot of friends and many relatives…
– And you see them regularly?
: My friends, yes. We see our relatives, for the most part, during our vacations to Savognin. We have our own apartment in my parents’ house. While we’re there we get in touch with almost everyone in my family, my grandfather and grandmother, my husband’s brothers and sisters, my nephews…You see, I don’t have any need for more any more contact, but rather the opposite.

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