Tulip carnage

My tulip garden has suffered much damage this year as every morning I have detected a massacre of decapitations. Tulip heads, near to blooming, have littered my front yard. The stems stand naked in my small plot, perfect for an Addams Family bouquet. After making some enquiries and checking on-line, I believe that rabbits are the culprit. My yard has certainly seen its share of bunnies over the years. They may be adorable creatures but if I caught one in the act–and if I had a gun–I wouldn’t hesitate taking aim at it.

Maybe I wouldn’t, but after seeing yet more tulip carnage morning after morning I certainly feel like committing leporine murder. I have set up some mousetraps around the few remaining tulips to deter these beasts. Perhaps they are not interested in munching my tulips after they have bloomed, however I have had to reset the traps several times already. I haven’t caught any creature yet (and don’t really think I will) but I believe that if any beast is sniffing around my tulips, the snap and jump of the activated trap is enough to scare it away. We have had a lot of rain recently so I wonder if raindrops are strong enough to set off a trap.

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