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This morning during the usual drills before each skating group goes off to its own lesson, I was approached by my instructor. He thought that I had advanced within my class and that I had qualified for the top group of adult beginners. This was a vote of confidence that made my day. Out of four levels of adult beginners, I was good enough to join the top class. Today we learned how to do three kinds of turns: the “3” turn, the hockey turn and the Mohawk turn. Of the three I found the Mohawk turn the easiest. I proudly told Mark about my skating “graduation day” and what we were doing, yet he had never heard of the term “Mohawk turn” before. There are video clips of all three ice-skating turns on YouTube if you’re interested. Since I am fairly flexible and am an “armchair dancer” I found that getting into the plié position on skates, required for the Mohawk turn, quite easy.

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