Vacation Snapshots part 1

I have chosen some of my favourite photos from Mark’s and my trip to Finland and Germany. This is the first batch of favourites:

Mark after winning the silver medal in Men’s Hockey at the Gay Games in Cologne.

Route 118: the bus to Steinstücken.

I am standing on the observation deck of the Main Tower (as in “mine” tower) in Frankfurt.

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even cigarettes do it.

I love German ads! Either they were timed to coincide with the Gay Games or German (and in general, European) ads are more sexual than those we see in Canada. I believe the latter, as I snapped quite a few sexy male ads during my past trips to Switzerland and France, back when I had a film camera.

The real NASPA: the Nassauische Sparkasse, a German bank.

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