Vacation Snapshots part 2

Mark and I at the Cologne main train station, ready to return to Berlin. Mark got compliments and a lot of questions everytime he wore his medal. When he let me wear it for barely a one-minute walk to the bus stop, I got stopped two times!

I am standing on the Stahnsdorfer Bridge, which up until 1989 was West Berlin territory. The bridge is spanning East Berlin traintracks. This is just outside the former West Berlin exclave of Steinstücken.

I am standing on the bricks which mark the former location of the Berlin Wall. My right foot was in the East; left foot was in the West.

On the runway at Tempelhof Airport, which closed in 2008. The runways are now used by cyclists, in-line skaters, skateboarders, kite-flyers and picture-posers.

I wonder if this guy is regretting answering that ad for a “bratwurst salesman”. These walking barbecues, complete with umbrellas, were all over Berlin. This guy was selling wurst at Alexanderplatz. He did a brisk business, and I had to wait for a lull in wurst sales in order to snap this picture.

Männermode: fashions for really, reallyREALLY big men.

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