Visiting Mom

On Saturday Grant, Evelyn, Mark and I went to Resthaven Memorial Gardens to visit Mom’s grave. It was the first time we had been there since her funeral. We wanted to see how the gravesite looked with the growth of grass and with the new plaque we had ordered. Mom stipulated in her will that the plaque she had ordered for her gravesite was not to be changed. The reason–also stated in the will–was that changing it would cost too much money. You see, Mom had already paid for a plaque that had her second married name on it: it read Gloria C. Kaney. She didn’t want her heirs, Grant and me, spending any of our inheritance melting the plaque down to recast it with her birth surname. Grant and I were unanimous in our immediate decision after reading the will that we were going to change the name to Chase, no matter what it cost us. Mom is thus laid to rest with the name on the plaque we knew she really wanted it to say:

Thanks to Evelyn for snapping all of these pictures. My camera, which I had brought with me, ran out of battery power as soon as I turned it on. The lens popped out then got stuck. I worried that it might be broken but it’s working fine now with recharged batteries installed.

Grant and I are sitting by the grave of our maternal grandparents, situated to the immediate right of Mom’s:

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