Weekend Scrabble

Mark and I could only fit in two games this weekend and I won both. I don’t write about all the games we play, but the bingos in this last session seem more oddball than usual. I averaged 424 and Mark 316. Here is the bingo breakdown:


I had ATTORNS or RATTONS on my rack which I turned into a DWS-DWS when I built it through an A that Mark had just played.

Both bingos EPIlATOR and INDIcATE take front hooks, but my EPIlATOR played from the lower left TWS so DEPIlATOR was not possible. I relearned its anagram, PETIOlAR, which would have been a better play. Mark bingoed out with INDIcATE, so no one could have played VINDIcATE, yet it would have been a race to the V’s if he had played the word in the middle of the game with one or both V’s still out, since his word started one space to the right of the top left TWS.

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