Weekend Scrabble

Mark and I each won one game this weekend. In the two games we played, I averaged 457 and Mark 374. Here is the bingo breakdown:

FOReDID (76)AUDITERs (68) *
VeRSIFY (117)

My first rack was DDFIOR? and its only seven was FOReDID and made no eights.

I held Mark on AUDITERs. I should have recognized it as not one of the possible eights when faced with the rack SATIREU. I would end up losing this game 418-412. Mark’s penultimate 48-point NERTZ sealed the deal.

The heavy rack of consonants in FIRSVY? may have looked at first to be too ugly to work with but the bingo was easy to spot after I made the -IFY suffix.

In one of my games I had the interesting rack BELMNOU. I arranged my tiles to make UNMOBLE, and then thought that if there was an open I, I might consider playing UNMOBILE. I didn’t like it at all but the UN- prefix made it a plausible find. Turns out there was a seven I missed, NELUMBO (which I recalled but never would have found even if you told me the word started with N) and there indeed was an eight…through an I no less. It was NOBELIUM. Aside from the plural the only other eight made from NELUMBO is NOBELIUM.

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