Weekend Scrabble

Mark and I played three games this past Sunday and I won two, averaging 413 to Mark’s 365. Here is the bingo breakdown:

fOOTAGE (66)cANNERS (75)
bILIOUS (69)

I was pleased to find CHAYOtE. It was the first move of our first game. That was the only seven, and the only eights with that rack are CHAYOtEs and bEACHbOY.

My phony was a confusion between ECAUDATE/ACAUDATE and ACAULINE. I didn’t really like ECAULINE but I was behind then snapped back with the 98-point EARPLUGS, to which Mark immediately replied with cANNERS to regain the lead by 60 points.

In my final bingo I fished off two tiles to leave me with AEERT and then picked both C’s.

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