Weekend Scrabble

Mark and I played four games this past weekend and I won all of them. Here is the bingo breakdown:

MUsTIER (73)
JIVIESt (87)

The last four bingos I played all came in our final game, with my first two scoring plays being TRIPTANE and JIVIESt (although I did in fact exchange tiles as my opening play). I managed to hook the S in JIVIESt onto the front of WARTY, which was Mark’s opening move. I was disappointed I couldn’t play PILFERS yet saw an open E which enabled me to play PREFILES. As I drew my replacement tiles one by one I had one of those psychic tile moments when I saw the potential for MOONLET and I drew the final two tiles to spell it. I played eight bingos yet only used blanks in two of them. Wow–I must have drawn very few blanks that weekend.

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