Weekend Scrabble

Mark and I played four games this past weekend and I won all of them. I averaged 414 and Mark 321. In spite of the lopsided averages, two of our games were close: 377-371 and 387-372. Here is the bingo breakdown:

BADNeSS (77)FRIdGEs (83)
LANATEd (78)

At the end of our first game Mark had the rack IIMRSST–which anagrams to SMRITIS. I knew the word and in spite of tracking Mark’s final rack correctly, I didn’t see it and maybe wouldn’t have found it if it was on my rack either. On the other hand, perhaps I would have if I had the tiles in front of me to shuffle around. However in the future I will no doubt arrange those tiles to form MISTRIS or TRISISM (either attempt to form a word with the MIS- prefix or -ISM suffix) and then will know it anagrams to SMRITIS.

At one point I had the rack EEEFILR and there was an open R. On the back of my score sheet I wrote down FREELIER as a possible bingo (it fit but I didn’t like it enough to attempt) and was surprised to see that those eight letters anagrammed to the legitimate FIREREEL. Wow–learned a new one. Merriam-Webster doesn’t like it, however.

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