Weekend Scrabble

Mark and I played four games this past weekend and we each won two. I averaged 408 and Mark 373. Here is the bingo breakdown:


This marks the second time when I played the same bingo twice in the same game. The first time was four years ago at the Mississauga Club when I played DRAGLINE twice.

My opening rack in our second game was AAAEEUU. I did not have two consecutive turns of EAU. I had the first turn and exchanged, picking OUTLIER for my next play. I did not keep one of my two U’s.

I was pleased to find the only bingos in the rack DIKOT??: DaKOITs and DaKOITy. I had places to play both.

In an earlier game this weekend I had played MICE down to the lower left TWS. I wondered what four letters could extend the word to the centre TWS. There are only three: REARMICE, REREMICE and WOODMICE. I knew the first two. With my rack at hand I realized I had to build my bingo through an A placing it in first, second or third position to stretch to a DWS. I saw both CREAmIER and RECAmIER, and then remembered they had a third anagram which happened to be a -MICE word I had just reviewed.

I had the horrid rack of duplicates AAIINN? and played it through an open R. Based upon what was on the board at the time to play through, I could also have played IGuANIAN or the fabulous ARANcINI.

After the first three games I had only drawn one S, which I used to extend Mark’s TOMB to TOMBSTONE for 42, landing the E on the lower right TWS. I managed to pick all four in our final game, hence NESTORS.

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