Weekend Scrabble

Mark and I played two games today and each won one. I averaged 389 and Mark 355. Interesting bingos in the breakdown below:

CHYmOUS (79)
dOZENTH (100)

I wasn’t having a good game in round one, as I only scored 283. My pick after ARTSIES was dreadful: AAAAEER. I always draw my tiles one at a time and the first four letters I pulled were A’s. At that point there were five A’s left in the bag. My next play was AAL, scoring 20, and then I picked up AU.

Since I needed to find a bingo that ended with S in my rack CHOSUY? I was proud of myself for finding both CHYmOUS and CHYlOUS. The anagram of the latter is SlOUCHY, which is the most obvious of the three but I completely missed it as I was only concentrating on -S words. If I couldn’t play any of the sevens, there are three freaky 8LW with that rack: CHanOYUS, CUSHiOnY and OUtpSYCH, and I wonder if I would have found any of them.

My rack EHNOTZ? yields only that one bingo, and its plural is the only 8LW.

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