Weekend Scrabble

Mark and I played three games this past weekend and I won all of them:

433-387. I played the game’s only bingos, ISOTONES (66) and SPATtED (77). I recorded one of my racks AFLLUV? and totally missed FLUViAL. There are no eights in that rack.

440-312. My bingos: NOTARIES (68) and ZINCATES (92). Mark played HINTERS (69).

516-379. I played three bingos: SPRINTER (83), POWDERED (96) and MORONItY (89) and Mark played SHADIeST (64). My opening rack was CEILRTT and I arranged my tiles to make CLITTER, but did not play it. I chose to open with RELICT (22) instead. Since the R was on the star, I was able to play SPRINTER down to it on my next turn.

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