Weekend Scrabble

Mark and I played four games and each won two:

484-339. My bingos: LATINAS (88), sERIEMAS (72) and WrITHES (90). Mark played FORESAY (90)*, which I accepted on account of FORESAID. FORESAID however is an adjective and not a past participle of FORESAY*.

399-421. I played one bingo, INSTARS (67) and Mark played two: BASELINe (63) and dENOTES (68). In Mark’s rack where he played his first bingo he missed LEsBIAN for 92. We had a good postgame discussion about several outplay strategies, since there were two TWS spots and a DWS spot open and each of us had great tiles to take advantage of them. Could I perhaps have won if I played elsewhere? I believe I made the right move by scoring the most lucratively where I did (earning eleven more points than in the other positions), yet the final rack I was stuck with, HIV, did me in. Those letters only play through an E or an S, and neither was available.

457-358. I played bEAUTIES (59) and ANTISEX (96) and Mark played RADiATED (62). The rack for my first bingo was AEEIUS? and I played it through a T, however EqUISETA or EUTAxIES would have been flashier.

319-487. My bingo was AUTARKIc (72) and Mark’s were GLANCES (80) and COVERAgE (63). My bingo was playable through the second A only if three letters preceded it and four followed. If the OSPD1 was our word source I would have made the blank a k, thus AUTARKIk. AUTARKIK was purged in the second edition.

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