Weekend Scrabble

I won two out of three against Mark this past weekend, and in our second game attained my highest score in a long time:

428-382. My bingos were LUREXES (82) and FILAtURE (74). I considered playing FAULtIER first, and then removed the tiles to form its anagram, because I felt FILAtURE was the safer play. Turns out Mark used the F to make JEFe for 63.

619-290. In this dream game I played five bingos in addition to another word for a bingo score: SMEARER (74), AURICLEs (80), YODELERS (74), JEEZ (84), SLUdGIER (77) and then my final play of STYLISED (89), which by going out gave me the CFNOW off Mark’s rack. In the postgame analysis I would have preferred to play the flashier ACERvULI instead of AURICLEs. I did know the word, and only after I played AURICLEs I realized that I could have made the blank a d for the slightly more defensive AURICLEd. I played YODELERS through the R with HOP already on the board. I did not think that I would be able to play JEEZ afterward as the E slotted next to a DLS and close to a TWS was far too tempting to ignore, but Mark could not use the space at all.

354-401. My bingo was OESTRIN (74) and Mark played WRITtEN (69). The turning point in this game was my fatal play of AJI (18). I chose to play it to clear my rack of the clunky J, yet the I was underneath a TLS. All Mark had to do was play QI for 62 to take the lead which I could not recover from.

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