Whiskers on kittens

Some of my favourite things. None of these are in any particular order, they’re just random things I sometimes think about that for whatever reasons make me happy:

1) Scoreless ties:


My favourite score is: no score. I like that an entire game can elapse without either side scoring.

2) Waiting in a departure lounge an hour before boarding:


Once I have passed through security after enduring the stress of getting to the airport, checking in my luggage and finding my gate, I love to relax in the Toronto International Airport (international) departure lounge with a book and an extra large Tim Hortons triple-triple coffee.


Even better is to have a chair next to an end table and not to be facing a TV monitor. It means the start of a wonderful trip to come, and better if I’m sharing the experience with Mark (who will usually arrive minutes before the gates close).

3) Deciding what book to read next:

I can gaze for a frightfully long time at my bookshelves contemplating what book to read next. I consider myself blessed to be in this situation, where I have a superabundance of books to choose from. When I am not in the middle of a reading theme, such as only reading books about islands or insular cultures, or books about gay history (my current project to mark World Pride), I can scan the shelves unable to make up my mind. I love being in that situation. I always end up just picking the first or second book I had decided upon, reasoning that I can always read the third or fourth books I had had my eyes on in the coming months.

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