White Christmas movie paraphernalia for all to see

My favourite movie of all time is “White Christmas”. I collect movie paraphernalia and love to display it in my home every year. Since Christmas is my favourite time of year, I have assembled quite a lot of Christmas decor, and last year I decided for the first time–ever–not to put out my “White Christmas” things in order to accommodate other items that I wanted to show. Not that I ever had enough room to display all of my “White Christmas” pieces anyway; I certainly don’t have the room to put everything out. When my manager at work mentioned that the library’s third floor was looking to find people to fill its two display cases month to month, I jumped at the chance to do a “White Christmas” movie display in December. I got approval to do it. On Thursday morning my manager kindly offered to drive me to work so I could transport all my movie paraphernalia easily in one trip. Then on Friday morning I set everything up. What you see is my entire collection. I may add a couple more things to the display in a few weeks, as I just ordered a Japanese laserdisc that is different from the two inside the vitrine.

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