Who needs consonants?

I won both games I played against Mark last night:

409-344. I opened the game with ENCHANT (80), slotting the T on the star. It was a risky PRETZEL play, where I only scored four more points than if I had placed any of the one-point tiles on the DLS. I decided to chance it and as luck would have it, Mark had a P and played POX / PENCHANT for 81. My second bingo was significant in that it was my first 7LW from the new lexicon, ZOOdLES (79). That rack yields three more bingos: fOOZLES and SnOOZLE yet I only saw pOZOLES. I also played INTEGrAL (70).

411-326. I played two bingos where I only had one consonant on my two racks combined. In so doing I experienced another milestone. It was one of my inauspicious Scrabble fantasies: I managed to play a six-vowel 8LW while holding all six of its vowels on my rack plus a blank. I held AAEIOU? I saw the potential for either ABOIDEAU or ABOITEAU, provided I had a B, D or T to play through. I was so fortunate that just then Mark played HERB. I spent a short time deciding on what letter to make the blank, yet since there were already two T’s out and no D’s at all, I chose to play ABOIdEAU for 63. I played another bingo, SPITTING (63) then had my second vowel-heavy bingo. With the rack AEEEIL? I played ALIEnEE (64), placing the final E under the first A in ABOIdEAU.

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