With Trooper(s) at Easter(s)

Mark and I went to Grant and Evelyn’s place for Easter. We had Polish sausage and cheese appetizers, played trivia games and later had Chinese food for dinner. Their Pomeranian Trooper is a puffball with legs. I frequently call Trooper “little pooch” (as I do of all dogs) and more often “Troopers”. The latter nickname seems to be catching on. Evelyn calls him “Troopers” all the time, too. Thanks to my formal introduction to competitive Scrabble twenty-five years ago, I learned that all nouns–even abstract or non-count nouns–can be made plural. Thus I often pluralize people’s first names, even at work, where I must seem like a nutcase calling my colleagues “Keiths” and “Pams” to their faces.

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